An All-American brand untouched by US hands

Because the nuns taught me to obey lawmakers and public officials in positions of power, when Trump tweets, “Buy LL Bean” I run right out to the new LL Bean Outlet down the road from my home. (To be honest, I am a sucker for a good deal, so I probably would have gone even if he hadn’t commanded me to.)

I start looking around the store and, low and behold, I couldn’t find one thing-- NOT ONE-- that was made in the USA!

Now I confess that I really don’t care where something is made: if I like it, I’ll buy it. But Trump ran for president -- and won-- on the promise to “bring the jobs home.” So why is he sending us all to a store that will benefit Jordan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and a host of other foreign countries instead of the US? (Answer:  because a Bean bigshot made a “HOOOOGE” donation to Trump and apparently he’s a slut for a good deal as well!)

I asked a saleswoman why I couldn’t find any US goods in the store. She wondered why I asked. I told her about Trump’s order that we all shop here and the conflict it had with his “America First” rhetoric. She asked if I realized that if LL Bean used American goods, “…the prices would be ridiculous…That’s how we keep the prices down!”

I said I realized that and, frankly, it was fine with me, but the President-elect said he’s going to fine companies that manufacture overseas and here he is recommending LL Bean!

So SHE asks, “Did HE send you here to check on this?”

I managed not to laugh aloud and simply said that the last time I spoke to Trump he didn’t even mention LL Bean and I was just looking for a nice warm bathrobe on sale (which they didn’t have in any case.)

I don’t know what to be upset about first: Trump’s ordering us where to shop, the saleswoman’s expectation that the President-elect might actually be sending spies into her store, or the absence of any real bargains there in the first place.

(Note to President Barack Obama: We’re REALLY going to miss you!)

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