Rudy DOES Love to be in drag
(maybe this is a turn on for the Donald )


Rudy "the mouth" Giuliani jumped in to defend Trump's 2nd amendment outburst today against Hillary Clinton....Giuliani and Trump deserve each other-- two lothario has-beens who these days get a charge out of bullying women in public. Here is who Giuliano really is (yet I still defended his right to fair treatment from the cardinal-  something he would never do for me.) 

The second column here is more recent and proves what we Italians say about parental influences on children, "...If you plant tomatoes, you get tomatoes."

 (This column originally appeared in the Keene Sentinel in June 2005) 

On May 28, 2004, Cardinal William H. Keeler of Baltimore, during an interview for the Baltimore Sun, ("Keep politics out of Communion -- It's between a Catholic and his conscience") told a reporter:
            "Our position is, Catholics have a responsibility to examine their own conscience and see if they are in a state     that is appropriate for the reception of the sacrament. We don't need bishops to get into the act. We have said a       gain and again as bishops, we are not in partisan politics. We dare not be pulled into a dispute between one         party and another."

Either something has changed in the Cardinal’s interpretation of Catholic teaching since then, or he made a mistake a year ago, but in May of 2005 the same Keeler refused to attend Loyola University’s commencement ceremonies in protest of an honorary degree that Catholic college was giving to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Keeler’s boycott was based on Giuliani’s own pro-choice politics.

Giuliani, himself a former seminarian who dropped out of priestly pursuits to choose marriage-parenthood-adultery-divorce-and remarriage instead, is no raging feminist. His political survival, however, made supporting women’s abortion rights necessary in heavily pro-choice New York City.

Giuliani's treatment of his ex-wife, Donna Hanover, and their two children who were publicly embarrassed by Giuliani’s open philandering with his current wife Judith Nathan was not exemplary Catholic pre- or even post-Canna behavior. Before Nathan the mayor seemed to spend more time with his female chief of staff than his family.

Giuliani's recommendation to President George W. Bush that former New York top cop Bernie Kerik be nominated for the newly created National Security cabinet post blew up in all their faces when Kerik was found to outdo even Giuliani at screwing around. Kerik, it seemed, had a wife and child plus another woman (also married) set up in a love nest in Manhattan just in case he needed sex between commutes to his home in the suburbs.

But Cardinal Keeler, apparently, would have been perfectly content to share the stage with Giuliani the libertine and insensitive Dad as long as the former mayor condemned women seeking pregnancy terminations for relief from the traumas of rape, incest, or pregnancies by husbands like Giuliani who had since taken off with another babe.

Keeler’s remarks a year ago regarding communion for pro-choice candidates like Giuliani and John Kerry (whom now-pope-then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had declared unfit for the sacrament) fly in the face of the Giuliani boycott. Since Catholics believe communion represents, “...the body and blood of Christ...” then Keeler implies that Giuliani may be good enough for Christ but not for him. Some people have taken this one step further to wonder if Keeler means Christ is good enough for Democrats but not for Republicans.

This year,  rival Catholic institution Notre Dame University awarded an honorary degree to U.S. Court of Appeals judge Jose Carbranes who is given a Grade A on the website www.benchmarkcampaign.org for his excellent record on ruling to uphold Roe v. Wade, the law legalizing abortion in this country.

Feminist Elaine Kim, a professor of the University of California at Berkeley and no supporter of the Marian model for women is another 2005 Notre Dame honoree. No cardinal boycott for Notre Dame, however.

As a June footnote, the Covington, Kentucky diocese just made the nation's largest-ever settlement to litigants protesting its 50-year coverup of alleged sexual abuse by its priests and others. This settlement like huge cash payouts by Chicago, Boston, Albuquerque and others threaten to bankrupt the American church.

No word yet on how many good laypeople will boycott communion rails and collection plates to protest this gross disrespect for the same "innocent human lives" men like Keeler claim to care about.
Mary Ann Sorrentino is a columnist who was formally declared excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1984 for her work as then Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of RI.
Her email is thatmaryann@yahoo.com


  • Mary Ann Sorrentino: Giuliani's upbringing nothing to write home about

  • By Mary Ann Sorrentino
    Much of the world knows about former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s recent rant that President Obama "doesn’t love his country” and “wasn’t brought up the way I was."
    Like Giuliani, I have Italian immigrant roots, and I challenge his skewed rationale. I know more men like Rudy Giuliani than I care to count. I know them well: I am even related to some and I nonetheless abhor their thinking and their bigotry.
    Giuliani’s parents were working class Italian-Americans. His father, a sometimes plumber, went to Sing Sing prison for robbing a milkman at gunpoint. Once released, he became an enforcer for a brother–in-law involved in Brooklyn’s rackets.
    My wild guess is this wasn’t a family championing the racial equality, gender equity or the gay rights that Rudy Giuliani supported when he needed money and votes. If Giuliani was brought up differently than the president was, maybe that’s his problem.
    Giuliani recommended top-cop friend Bernard Kerik to lead George W. Bush's Homeland Security Department. Kerik imploded beneath colorful zipper problem revelations and charges -- by no less than GOP icon Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. -- that he went AWOL and deserted in Iraq. But men raised as Rudy was are recklessly loyal: for them, a man’s worth is enhanced -- not damaged -- by his “girlfriend” (comare) quotient.
    While Mario Puzo’s Godfather deeply valued mothers and children, Giuliani publicly mortified the mother of his two children — TV anchor Donna Hanover — by revealing his divorce plans in a news conference. He chose Mother’s Day to film a “romantic walk” TV news feature with his mistress, aired from his wife’s studios.
    The Feb. 21 front page of The New York Times described today’s Giuliani as "an occasional fund-raising attraction [whose] time as a national Republican leader is past.” The article underscored that Rudy was not asked to speak at the 2012 GOP convention and concluded that his recent Obama slurs were the product of “slack political instincts” in a man who “has lost self-awareness.”
    I think Giuliani is aware of his inner Rudy, but the Rudy he channels is the now-defunct “America’s Mayor” of 9/11 and shortly thereafter.
    That Rudy urged us to join hands with New Yorkers in unity; entreated everyone to recognize and report terrorist threats and fight them valiantly. Today’s Rudy earns a fortune consulting with the government of Qatar, the country that gave refuge to 9/11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.
    Even though President Obama is seen — by detractors and supporters — as a caring father and husband and a decent, hard-working human being, and Giuliani himself admits Obama is “a patriot," the president’s mother and the grandparents who raised him don’t get any credit from Giuliani for all that.

 It would be unfair for Giuliani to blame his parents for his bad behavior. They probably didn’t raise him to behave this way. Rudy Giuliani likely evolved into the angry, arrogant, self-absorbed skunk at the Republican garden party all by himsel

Mary Ann Sorrentino

Mary Ann Sorrentino
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